"Mitch is a true "dive in and do it" type, not just good at directing and supervising, but getting his hands dirty as well. Over several projects at Cresleigh -- from the Elk Grove to the Plumas Lake developments -- I had the pleasure of working with Mitch: he in charge of construction, and I the marketing of the new homes his group built. But our overlap in responsibilities was the homebuyer, and that is where he excelled. Not only handing a home over to the Buyer that has been built with the utmost attention to detail, but Mitch would be right in there following thru with the Buyer when they would stumble accross a problem of two. Few Supers are as adept at handling a hammer and a team of construction guys on the one hand, and on the other, the Buyer as "client", offering only the best in personal service. The guy gets my raves. I'd hire him again in a flash..."
Regards, Ron H. Cresleigh Homes
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About Us

Mac's Remodeling was named after Mitch Wise's beloved grandfather, Herman McDown, who was a Union Finish Carpenter. Over the years Mitch spent many magical hours with his grandfather, affectionately known as "Mac", watching him create beauty with wood. Thus, years later Mac's Remodeling was born in honor of "Grandpa Mac".

Mac's Remodeling was built on "Grandpa Mac's" commitment to a strong work ethic, workmanship and integrity. We try to show our clients the same respect and care that Grandpa showed his friends and family. Honesty and integrity are our most valued asset. We show up on time, keep our word and construct projects that last. Sometimes the truth is not good news, but we want our clients to have the true facts before we begin any project, small or large.

In 2008, during the beginning of one of the worst building recessions, we took a bold move and got our contractors license and created Mac's Remodeling. Since then we have gradually progressed into a talented, knowledgeable and helpful resource for anyone wanting to remodel their home or business.

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  Mitch Wise, Owner  

My name is Mitch Wise and I am the owner/founder of Mac's Remodeling. I believe in many things, the most important are God, Family and Country. I have a gift for explaining complex things and a passion for remodeling and fixing things. By putting these skills together, I try to help others anyway I can. I have a soft spot for helping our nations youth and fighting for underpriviledged kids.

"Crowded classrooms and half-day sessions are a tragic waste of our greatest national resource - the minds of our children."
Walt Disney

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